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Accurate Data

During registration periods, seat information changes fast. One minute a class is virtually empty, and the next there is only one seat left! CourseShark automatically scans college catalogs as often as every 15 minutes, so you always have the most up-to-date information.


New: CourseShark's friends feature allows you to see what sections your friends are in, invite friends to take a class with you, and compare schedules to find out when you are both free for lunch.

Seat Watcher

Get ahead of the game with Seat Watcher, a revolutionary new tool for college schedule creation. Seat Watcher sends you an email and/or text message when a seat opens in a class you need.

Quick Sharing

Sharing your schedule has never been easier! With CourseShark, you can generate short links directly to your schedule or post your schedule on your Facebook timeline.


Know what classes you want to take, but can’t get them to fit together? AutoAdd will create your schedule for you in seconds.

Online Storage

CourseShark lets you easily save and load your schedules from any computer. A simple feature, but incredibly useful.


Want a nice printout of your schedule? We’ve got you covered. Simply print your schedule, and CourseShark will generate a beautiful and printer-friendly render of your schedule.

Ease of Use

We are always working to make CourseShark the easiest and most powerful scheduling tool on the market.


Like to have a copy of your class schedule on your Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook? CourseShark can export your schedule in a format accepted by most calendar programs.